Business Matters

2021 August

In this issue:

  • Ask the right questions when hiring virtually, pros say
  • Four common questions about the CRA’s principal residence exemption
  • The tax consequences of leaving Canada permanently
  • Four threats to watch out for when a hacker gets your phone number

2021 June

In this issue:

  • COVID-19 support programs in the 2021 federal budget
  • Federal budget tax changes
  • Data privacy and security: What you need to know
  • FIRE: What is it, and what can we learn from it?

2021 April

In this issue:

  • Six simple ways to cope with stress in the “new normal”
  • Online + accessibility = inclusion
  • Take the right steps now, avoid “pension envy” later
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan vs. Tax-Free Savings Account – What’s the Difference?

2021 February

In this issue:

  • Personal tax changes for 2020 related to COVID-19
  • Other personal tax changes for 2020/21
  • The latest in antivirus technology: What you need to know
  • Today’s investment options and expectations: Which is best for you?

2020 December

In this issue:

  • Federal government support related to COVID-19: Tax implications you can expect in 2020
  • Things you need to know when it comes to U.S. taxes for individuals
  • GIC versus GIC … What’s the difference? Time and money!
  • Why is Bay Street soaring, while Main Street suffers?

2020 October

In this issue:

  • We’re Not Through the Pandemic Yet: Six Points to Keep in Mind for your Workplace this Winter
  • Whole Life Harmony – The New Work-Life Balance
  • Things You Need to Know When it Comes to U.S. Taxes For Individuals: Accidental Americans
  • Reverse Saving: Borrowing to Invest in the Stock Market

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