Miles T. Sweeney Limited’s team of staff are professional, approachable, and committed to providing high-quality services, products, and expertise in a timely manner.

We take the time to get to know our clients and provide accounting services that best meet their needs. To ensure we are responding to you in a prompt manner, our firm offers business service standards for our turnaround time on year-end services and other important engagements. We also have service standards for responses to telephone calls and email messages.


Miles T Sweeney CA, Founder & President

Miles T Sweeney CA

Founder & President

Miles Sweeney has worked with clients to identify opportunities for their growth and success for over 35 years. As a chartered accountant and small business owner, Miles understands what it means to deliver high-quality services in a timely manner.

More about Miles can be found on LinkedIn or by contacting him by phone or email.

Troy Mason CA

Troy Mason CA


Troy Mason has over 17 years experience as a chartered accountant. Troy welcomes all clients, however, his speciality lies in working with small and medium-sized enterprises. He is well known for providing strategic advice in a prompt and professional manner.

More about Troy can be found on LinkedIn or by contacting him by phone or email.