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Strategic advice. Smart decisions. Profitable solutions.

At Miles T. Sweeney LTD., we are committed to the growth and security of our clients. That’s why we offer CPA certified professional knowledge in tax planning, accounting, assurance and business improvement. We work collaboratively with our clients, and value their confidence in our services and our approach.


By maintaining a dependable and respectful approach to working with our clients, we are able to ensure organizational goals are achieved efficiently and effectively.


Our clients choose us because they know they can place complete trust in our services. We provide knowledge based on our attention to detail and strategic oversight. This approach is a cornerstone of our enterprise.


We are genuinely interested in helping our clients understand their issues or concerns. Our friendly approach reflects our desire to strengthen client relationships, achieve common goals, and help our clients succeed.


Being a part of the Miles T. Sweeney team means understanding that our clients deserve our direct attention. Whether it’s a phone call, an email, or the provision of a service, we are here in good time for you and your business.

“Since being appointed as our auditors, the Miles T. Sweeney team has exceeded all of our expectations. From the beginning, they took the time to really understand our organization and its unique structure. Their team is efficient, effective, engaged, and shows genuine concern about our organization. Significantly out-performing “bigger” firms in the market. We could not ask for more.”

“Over the past 20 years my family and business have used Miles, Troy and team as our trusted accountants. I consider them accessible, knowledgeable, and highly professional and we do not hesitate to referral our clients to them for advice and services.”