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Chartered Professional Accountants, Dartmouth, NS
Tax Planning – Business Performance Consulting

Miles T. Sweeney LTD. Chartered Professional Accountants was founded in 1995.

We bring certified CA professionals knowledgeable in tax planning, auditing and business performance improvement to the table to help your business grow.  We are committed to working collaboratively with each client and value the trust placed in our services and our approach.

We are:


The key to a successful client-centered business is maintaining a professional approach regardless of the circumstance. We apply these qualities internally and when providing accounting services and tax planning for clients in order to ensure goals are achieved efficiently, effectively, and professionally.


Our clients understand that they can place complete trust in our accounting, tax services and products as well as our expertise. Providing reliable information based on our attention to detail and strategic oversight is a cornerstone of our enterprise.


We’re genuinely interested in working with our clients to understand their issues, circumstances, and concerns. Our work reflects our desire to build long-term relationships, achieve common goals, and help clients succeed. We strive to be approachable, friendly, and professional in all of our business dealings.


Working at Miles T. Sweeney Limited means understanding that our clients deserve our prompt attention. Whether it’s a telephone call, an email, or the provision of a service, we provide high-quality services and information in a prompt manner.